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Watch this short film about some current Council members who will tell you what it’s like being on Council.

What is Epilepsy Action's Council of Management?

Epilepsy Action is a charity made up of individual members. Every year the members elect people to be the trustees of the charity. The trustees are the people who look after the charity. They decide its long term plans and watch over what the charity does on behalf of all the members. The trustees are very important to the charity.

The name we give to all the trustees together is the ‘Council of Management’, or just ‘Council’ for short. The name we give to individual trustees is ‘Council member’.

Who can join the Council?

The rules of the charity require one third of Council places to be vacated for election each year. This year at the AGM there are five vacant places to be elected. Anyone who has been a member of the charity for at least 12 months can stand for election as a Council member.

Everyone is welcome to have a go because it’s important that the Council is as representative as possible. That’s why nominations of people from black and minority ethnic groups and from people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender are especially welcome.

People who know about fundraising; marketing; public relations; accountancy or public campaigning could make a tremendous contribution to the Council. But members come from all walks of life and from different backgrounds. They bring a wide range of skills and experience. So all interest is welcome. The only thing you really must have is a desire to improve the lives of people affected by epilepsy. Because that’s what the charity is all about.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more, this information will be useful. You can also contact Philip Lee, the Chief Executive, with any questions on plee@epilepsy.org.uk. We can also arrange to put you in touch personally with an existing Council member who can tell you first-hand about what it’s like being a Council member.

How do I stand for election?

To stand for election all you have to do is fill in this nomination form – it will automatically go straight to the Chief Executive at Epilepsy Action. Don’t forget that your nomination also has to be supported by two other members of the charity. Their details also need to be on the form.

Complete the nomination form

Don’t worry if you don’t know two other members. We have a panel of people we can put you in touch with. Just let the Chief Executive know if you would like to use this panel.

If you would rather, you can download the form in Word or PDF, fill it in later and email it or post it to the charity’s head office at New Anstey House.

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