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Ian Walker

Ian Walker My first experience of epilepsy came when, in 1995, my eldest son was diagnosed following a series of prolonged/multiple seizure events.

My interest grew further when, in 1999, my daughter experienced post-stroke seizures and, in 2005, when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. More recently, in 2009, my 76 year old father was diagnosed with epilepsy following a stroke.

I first came across Epilepsy Action in 1995 when, at that time, what we needed most was information. Epilepsy Action came to the rescue. I became involved in 2001, at a sponsored walk organised by a local branch in North Wales, and between 2002 and 2006 was Chair of that Branch. I have seen a lot of changes since 2002, and have played a small part in helping some of them come to fruition through awareness raising and campaigning with politicians for better services in Wales. I am a member of Epilepsy Action's National Advisory Council for Wales.

By profession I am an IT consultant, specialising in business systems, data security, forensic analysis of data and data recovery. I have worked in the transport and construction industries and have been in the IT profession for more than 30 years. Today I run my own IT consultancy business serving small business and not-for-profit organisations.

I have been a Member of the Council of Management since 2009.

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