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Jan Follett

Jan FollettI have had left temporal lobe epilepsy since puberty and still have about seven seizures monthly. I am married and one daughter.

I used to give talks to medical students and student nurses about the feelings of actually having seizures. I also gave a talk in Copenhagen to a medical conference about the same such thing. This was at the request of my consultant.

I have always wanted to teach and qualified as a teacher. I taught at a school for the deaf and further qualified with a British Association of Teachers of the Deaf certificate. I wanted to work with children who also had an invisible disability. When we lived in Hampshire I taught daily but when we moved to the Wirral I was put on the supply teaching list but was rarely asked to work. I grew tired of this and worked with Helplink a CVS community support group. I visited the elderly and housebound.

Now that we are back in Hampshire I work in charity shops voluntarily and also for Neighbourcare, a CVS group the same as Helplink.

I took an Open University degree after trial brain surgery. Unfortunately my case was not considered suitable for full surgery, my epilepsy did not make studying easy but am really proud that I graduated with a BA Hons in philosophy.

I was first elected to council in 1998 and have continued to be a council member.

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