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Jenny Jamnadas-Khoda

Jenny Jamnadas-Khoda

I graduated from ScHARR, Sheffield University in 2007. My degree provided me with a broad range of skills and knowledge in the management and organisation of healthcare, psychological and sociological aspects of health, economic evaluation, and qualitative and quantitative research methods. My dissertation focused on implications of research findings for practice. I won a scholarship to UCL Institute of Neurology in 2008 for MSc Clinical Neuroscience where I spent a year learning pathology of neurological disease.

I have since worked on epilepsy projects as a researcher and research administrator. I’ve been involved in basic science, social science and health services research using a range of methodologies, and published in peer-reviewed journals. I gained skills in governance, auditing, finance and resource management. I have presented work to researchers, health professionals, managers, people with epilepsy and carers. I co-ran a workshop at Epilepsy Action AGM (2008).

I am 28, married, of Anglo-Indian origin with two sons aged one and three. I have epilepsy and am the mother of a child who has seizures. I’m a member of my local Epilepsy Action branch and have attended national events. I have experience of fundraising for charities and organising events. I am passionate about improving lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. Personal experience and work background have given me a greater understanding of issues surrounding people with epilepsy, their carers, and the context, opportunities and challenges for services and research. It would be a privilege to have the opportunity to use these to support Epilepsy Action.

My particular interests include: improving communication between healthcare professionals and patients, particularly for those with different cultural or communication needs; issues affecting women, and partners, with pregnancy, family planning and parenting; psychosocial aspects of epilepsy and care and services for people in transition between paediatric and adult services.

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