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Council of Management - Register of interests

Epilepsy Action has a policy on Council member’s conflict of interest and a code of practice to provide guidance on managing real or potential conflicts of interest.

As part of the policy and practice, Epilepsy Action keeps a register of Council member’s interests which may be relevant to their role as a trustee. The purpose of the register is to publicly disclose any interests that trustees might have that might present a conflict with their role as a trustee.

It is a requirement of each Council member that they complete a declaration about their interests and subsequently keep their entry in the register up to date. The register is subject to a systematic annual review in any event.

It is the responsibility of each individual Council member to identify and disclose their potential or real interests.

Interests listed in the register are broadly classified as being either outside of the charity’s normal operation – ‘external interests’ – or inside the charity’s normal operation – ‘internal interests’.

Last updated 19 March 2019, unless stated otherwise.

Gavin Barlow

  • External interests: none listed
  • Internal interests:  none listed

Jayne Burton

  • External interests: Epilepsy Ambassador Walton Centre, Liverpool
  • Internal interests:  Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer

Richard Chapman

External interests:

  • Pension from the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme
  • Holdings of shares in various listed companies as personal investments, none of which constitute significant holdings (i.e. more than 1% of the issued share capital) in any one company and none of which has to my knowledge any relationship with or interest in the work of Epilepsy Action.
  • Co-opted member of Narborough Parish Council (unremunerated)

Internal interests

  • Director (unpaid) of Epilepsy UK and Epilepsy Action – both dormant companies and wholly owned by the British Epilepsy Association, (Epilepsy Action).

Peter Clough

  • External interests: none listed
  • Internal interests: none listed

Jan Follett

  • External interests: A member of two other epilepsy charities.
  • Internal interests: none listed.

Michael Harnor

External Interests:

  • Accredited lay+ member, NHS Research Ethics Committees ('Health Research Authority / NRES'). 2008 - current (incl two re-appointments. ) (Past experience has included review of sponsored epilepsy research) Expenses only.
  • MHRA Patient GCons Forum. 2015 – current. Expenses only.
  • Co-opted by Eastern Cheshire CCG to the group assessing bids and commissioning a new community based Strokle Rehabilitation service under the AWARD system (Oct 2018). (Some references to pse post-stroke epilepsy.) Current - retained for forthcoming service evaluation processes. Expenses only.
  • Past interests – but may still be relevant:-
  • NICE appointed patient member, Guideline Development Group for the epilepsies, children and adult. CG137, 2009 – 2012
  • NICE appointed lay member, Topic Expert Group developing Quality Standards for the epilepsies (children/young people – QS26, adult – QS27. 2012 – 2013
  • CHM / MHRA, lay member of two expert groups concerning aeds (2013 – 2015)
  • Holdings of shares in 3 healthcare related companies as private ISA investments, none of which constitute significant holdings (i.e. more than 1% of the issued share capital).
  • Other relevant charity memberships:
  • 'Friends of Headway – the Brain Injury Association'
  • 'British Tinnitus Association'

Internal interests

  • Director, 'Epilepsy UK' and 'Epilepsy Action' – registered charities / companies (not trading) wholly owned by the British Epilepsy Association
  • Director, 'BEA Trading', a registered company which donates all profits to British Epilepsy Association
  • Accredited by Epilepsy Action Commissioning Advocate scheme

Possible relevant family connections:


  • Deputy Chief Executive & Exec Director, 'Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust' (Trust provides the neurology services and employs specialist nurses in Cumbria)
  • Professor, Primary Care, UCLAN
  • National Committee member, The 'Community Hospitals Association'.


  • GP trainer for (Health Education England' Cumbria GPTP) and GP appraiser

Diane Jennifer Hockley

External interests

  • Member of Buckinghamshire Neurological Service Network
  • Physical and Sensory Disability Board member as a Service User and Carer Organisation Representative (SUCO)

Internal interests:

  • Member of Harrow Epilepsy Action group.

June Massey

External interests

  • A professional interest in epilepsy and education.
  • Trustee of “All in Sound”

Internal interests

  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer

James Morrow

External interests:

  • I retain a research interest in the UK Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register, which collates the risks of foetal deformity following in utero exposure to AEDs. This register has been discussed and supported by Epilepsy Action and its Council of Management.

Internal interests:

  • I have chaired and remain a member of the Epilepsy Action National Advisory Council for Northern Ireland.

Jane Riley

  • External interests: none listed
  • Internal interests: Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer

Beryl Sharlot

External interests:

  • Family connection to epilepsy (immediate members)
  • Member of Natural History Society

Internal interests:

  • Director of Epilepsy UK (dormant) owned by British Epilepsy Association.
  • Chair/Treasurer Epilepsy Action West Midlands Forum
  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer
  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Epilepsy Action Local Volunteer
  • Member Epilepsy Action Coffee and Chat Group

James Sheward

External interests:

  • Member of Epilepsy Society

Internal interests:

  • Epilepsy Action accredited volunteer scheme
  • Epilepsy Action campaign supports group
  • Member of Epilepsy Action coffee and chat group

Stephen Timewell

External interests

  • Author of book, ‘Time Well Spent with Epilepsy’

Internal interests: none listed

Ian Walker

External interests:

  • Four members of family who have epilepsy

Internal interests

  • Member of the Epilepsy Action National Advisory Council for Wales
  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer

Ellie Wilmshurst

  • External interests: none listed
  • Internal interests:  Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer

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