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Council of Management - Register of interests

Epilepsy Action has a policy on Council member’s conflict of interest and a code of practice to provide guidance on managing real or potential conflicts of interest.

As part of the policy and practice, Epilepsy Action keeps a register of Council member’s interests which may be relevant to their role as a trustee. The purpose of the register is to publicly disclose any interests that trustees might have that might present a conflict with their role as a trustee.

It is a requirement of each Council member that they complete a declaration about their interests and subsequently keep their entry in the register up to date. The register is subject to a systematic annual review in any event.

It is the responsibility of each individual Council member to identify and disclose their potential or real interests.

Interests listed in the register are broadly classified as being either outside of the charity’s normal operation – ‘external interests’ – or inside the charity’s normal operation – ‘internal interests’.

(Last updated as at 1 October 2014, unless otherwise stated)

Gavin Barlow

  • External interests: None listed
  • Internal interests: None listed

John Bostock

External interests

  • Member of the University Hospital North Staffs hospital trusts.
  • Vice Chair mid-Cheshire area health long term neurology committee.
  • Chair, Stoke on Trent Parent Partnership advisory services.
  • Adviser on youth services in Stoke on Trent.
  • Councillor disabilities services, for parents of children with disabilities.
  • A member of Patient Partisepaient Group Local.

Internal interests

  • Chair, Epilepsy Action Stoke on Trent branch.
  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer
  • Member West Midland Forum

Jayne Burton

  • External interests: Ambassador for people with epilepsy at the Walton Centre. Will complete training in November 2013.
  • Internal interests: Accredited Volunteer

Helen Caswell

  • External interests: I am employed by Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a Clinical Neuropsychologist
  • Internal interests: I currently hold a research grant awarded by Epilepsy Action with Dr Susan Duncan (Lead Researcher)

Richard Chapman

External interests

  • Pension from the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme
  • Holdings of shares in various listed companies as personal investments, none of which constitute significant holdings (i.e. more than 1% of the issued share capital) in any one company and none of which has to my knowledge any relationship with or interest in the work of Epilepsy Action.

Internal interests

  • Director (unpaid) of Epilepsy UK and Epilepsy Action – both dormant companies and wholly owned by the British Epilepsy Association, (Epilepsy Action).

Peter Clough

  • External interests: None listed
  • Internal interests: None listed

Carl Graham

  • External interests: None listed
  • Internal interests: None Listed

Jan Follett

  • External interests: A member of two other epilepsy charities.
  • Internal interests: None listed.

Michael Harnor (last updated: 2 December 2014)

External Interests:

  • Executive Committee member and Trustee, ‘Greater Manchester Neurological Alliance’ (GMNA) (Chair 2005-8).
  • Accredited lay member, NHS Research Ethics Committees (Health Research Authority / NRES).
  • ‘Commission on Human Medicines’ appointed lay member, Expert Advisory Group on neurology, pain management and psychiatry 2005-current. (Re-appointed 2013).
  • 'MHRA lay members group’, 2007-current.
  • Public Governor, North West Ambulance NHS Trust. (Aspirant Foundation Trust)
  • NHS SCN / Senate, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria, member, Patient, Carer and Public (PCP) Advisory Group
  • SCN Cheshire and Merseyside, member, Peoples Voice.
  • (Recent) ‘NICE’ – appointed patient member, guideline development group for the epilepsies, 2009-2012.
  • (Recent) ‘NICE’- appointed member, Topic Expert Group developing Quality Standards for Epilepsy (child and adult.) 20012-2013
  • Holdings of shares in 5 healthcare related companies as private investments, none of which constitute significant holdings (i.e. more than 1% of the issued share capital):
  • Other relevant charity memberships:
    • Headway – the Brain Injury Association
    • British Tinnitus Association

Internal interests

  • Director, Epilepsy UK and Epilepsy Action – registered charities / companies (not trading) wholly owned by the British Epilepsy Association
  • Director, BEA Trading, a registered company which donates all profits to British Epilepsy Association
  • Accredited by Epilepsy Action Commissioning Advocate scheme

Possible family Connections

  • Son-in- law:
    • Executive Director, Cumbria Partnership NHS FoundationTrust
    • National Committee member, The Community Hospitals Association.
  • Daughter:
    • GP trainer for Health Education England (north-east)
    • Director, Trinity Pharma (Cumbria)

Jenny Jamnadas-Khoda

  • External interests: None listed
  • Internal interests: None Listed

June Massey

  • External interests: A professional interest in epilepsy and education.
  • Internal interests: Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer.

Ron Rosenhead

  • External interests: Own and fully employed by Project Agency, a management consultancy.
  • Internal interests: None listed

Jane Riley

External interests:

  • Employed as Associate Director of Transformation – Lancashire Care Foundation NHS Trust

Internal interests

  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer
  • Epilepsy Action Reader

Beryl Sharlot

External interests

  • Family connection to epilepsy (immediate members)
  • Member of Natural History Society

Internal interests

  • Director of Epilepsy UK (dormant) owned by British Epilepsy Association.
  • Chair/Treasurer Epilepsy Action West Midlands Forum
  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer
  • Epilepsy Action Accredited Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Epilepsy Action Local Volunteer
  • Member Epilepsy Action Coffee and Chat Group

Ruth Waddell

External interests

  • Adult Epilepsy Nurse employed by Royal Group of hospitals, Belfast

Internal interests

  • Member of Epilepsy Action’s National Advisory Council Northern Ireland
  • Member of the Epilepsy All Party Group that convenes at Stormont, Belfast

Ian Walker

  • External interests: None listed
  • Internal interests: None listed

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