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Annual General Meeting 11 June 2019 ballot results

Summary of Response

Valid proxies returned3373.70
Invalid proxies returned110.12
Total proxies returned3483.83
Members voting at AGM80.09
Total response3563.91

Results of Council Election

CandidateVotes receivedPercentage shareOutcome
Beryl Sharlot28215.08Elected
James Sheward278 14.87 Elected 
Stephen Timewell267 14.28 Elected 
Jan Follett238 12.73 Elected 
Torie Robinson208 11.12 Elected 
Peter Clough207 11.07 Elected 
Claire Lingard201 10.75 Not elected
Jim Berrington189 10.11 Not elected

Confirmation of co-option of two Council members

 Votes in favour of confirmationPercentage in favour of confirmationVotes against confirmationPercentage against confirmation
Ellie Wilmhurst32597.01102.99

Confirmation of re-appointment of Vice Presidents


Votes forPercentage ForVotes againstPercentage against
Gus Baker32897.3392.67
William Fiennes29792.52247.48

Result of Resolution 1

 Number forPercentage forNumber againstPercentage againstOutcome
To re-appoint RSM UK Audit LLP as auditors31797.2492.76Carried
Event Date: 
Monday 23 June 2014 - 13:52

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