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Council of Management meeting - April 2004

As part of its continuing commitment to keep members informed of the work of Epilepsy Action’s Council of Management here is a brief note of the main outcomes of its recent meeting held on 6 April 2004.

Annual Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2003

Council reviewed the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2003 with the assistance of Mr Neil Sevitt, representing the Association’s auditor.

The highlights noted were:

  • Income at £2,985,000 was just short of £3m, compared to the previous year’s income of just over £2m.
  • Although net legacies were high it was reassuring that had been an increase in donations and fundraising.
  • Total expenditure was £2.4m against £2.1m the previous year
  • Overall £574,000 surplus

Mr Sevitt summarised that the Association has shown remarkable growth over the last five to ten years as a result of good housekeeping, good management, good systems and a good profile.

The Council of Management approved the draft accounts for 2003.

Report on the Charity Commission Review Visit

Council received a draft report prepared by the Charity Commission following their recent routine visit. The report highlighted areas of good practice along with a few technical matters to be considered, there were no issues of significance for the Charity. A full review of the report and recommendations would be made to the next meeting of the Council of Management.

NCVO 2004 Trustee Conference

The Chair, Mr Ron Radley, reported on the NCVO Governing with Confidence Conference attended by himself and two other trustees. The event had proved to be very worthwhile and provoked thoughts about the role of the Trustee and it highlighted the real need for Trustees to have a training and development programme. It was agreed that the main issues would be covered during the annual Council Training Day in October.

Review of Investment Policy

Mr Radley reported that the Finance & Strategic Policy Committee had undertaken the three year in depth comprehensive review of Epilepsy Action’s Investment Policy and Council approved an amended document.

Investment Advisors

Following a review by the Finance & Strategic Policy Committee the Council of Management decided to retain Brewin Dolphin Securities as the Association’s Investment Advisers.

Conflicts of Interest 

The Chief Executive is developing a draft conflict of interest policy to cover all Trustees and committees.

Research and Education Advisory Panels

It was agreed that Epilepsy Action should invite a number of professionals to join either the Research or Education Advisory Panels.

Education Officer

The Community Fund turned down an application to fund a new post of Education Officer however Council decided to proceed with this post which will be part funded from the Collin Woods Memorial Fund.

Epilepsy Action Awards 2004

After careful consideration Council decided that none of the nominations for the Epilepsy Action Award 2004 had reached the standard set of 'a significant contribution has been made to improving the lives of people with epilepsy either directly or indirectly' and so the award will not be made this year. However it was agreed that a Gold Award certificate should be awarded to Jonathan Boyd.

Staff Developments

Council considered a number of proposals regarding staffing developments and agreed to the following changes to staff positions:

The two fixed term contract staff posts in fundraising currently being funded by the Development Plan become permanent positions.

The PR Manager post becomes a full time position.

The Sapphire Nurse Co-ordinator post becomes a full time position.

The Education Officer post is recruited as a permanent post.

The creation of a new post of National Manager of Regional Services

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