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Council of Management meeting - May 2004

Council agreed to introduce a new policy and procedure for the declaration and monitoring of potential conflicts of interest for Council Members. A register of Council Members’ interests is now being compiled and this will be available for public scrutiny.

The Council agreed to a recommendation from its Research committee to initiate 30 new prizes for epilepsy research. There will be five prizes of £500 each and twenty five prizes of £100 each. These are in addition to the prizes already offered by the Association to encourage and recognise epilepsy research. The Research Committee also reported that it is reviewing the Association’s strategic plan for research and will be reporting back to Council on this in October.

The Council adopted and approved an updated strategic plan for its Education work which will run from 2004 to 2007. This includes the appointment of a full time Education Officer to the staff of the Association.

Council agreed to create public contact addresses for the Chair of Council to improve peoples’ direct access to the Council. Contact will soon be possible via a special mail address and a dedicated email address for the Chair.

Some small updating amendments were made to the terms of reference of the Association’s Advisory Panels. Panels exist for Education, Research, Clinical practice and policy and for Wales.

The terms of reference for the following Council Committees were re-approved: Education, Finance and Strategic Policy, Research and the Standing Committee. Council also agreed to establish a new Corporate Governance Committee to monitor and support Council working practices.

Finally, Council decided to instigate a comprehensive review of the Association’s constitution, its Memorandum and Articles of Association. The constitution has not been reviewed since 1997 and Council is keen to ensure that this important governing document is kept relevant and up to date. It is anticipated that the review will be a lengthy process but that initial amendments at least should be forthcoming for consideration by the membership at the Association’s Annual General Meeting in 2005.

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