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Council of Management meeting - July 2004

20 July 2004

At its meeting on 20 July 2004, the Council of Management welcomed its new member, Dr Susan Duncan, and it considered the following issues and made the following decisions:

Ron Radley was re-elected as Chair of the Council, Mike Harnor was elected as Vice Chair of the Council and Richard Chapman was elected as Honorary Treasurer of the Association. Council expressed its appreciation to the former Vice Chair, Jonathan Bird, and to the former Honorary Treasurer, Mary Clayfield.

Council agreed the membership of its committees; Finance and Strategic Policy, Education and Research. Council also agreed terms of reference for a new committee on corporate governance. This new committee will have its membership confirmed in October. The Council Working Practices Review Group was formally wound up, now that the last of its business has been concluded.

Council also agreed terms of reference for the Association’s Clinical Advisory Panel, Advisory Panel on Wales and a Staff Appeals Panel.

The Council received a report from the Finance and Strategic Policy Committee that informed it that the committee had thoroughly reviewed the Association’s current revenue budget and 2004 business plan and it made no recommendations for any amendments.

The Education Committee reported to Council that Bert Aldenkamp and Dr Powell had both accepted invitations to join the Association’s Education Advisory Panel.

Council considered a report on the success of the 2004 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and decided that the 2005 AGM should be similarly held as part of a wider conference at a venue somewhere in the south east or south west of England.

Council Members considered a report from the former Vice Chair, Jonathan Bird, on the 2004 appraisal of Council. It was decided to remit this report to the Officers and Chief Executive and for them to bring forward recommendations for any action at the next meeting of Council in October.

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