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Council of Management meeting - October 2004

At its meeting on 5 October 2004 the Council of Management reviewed nominations of people to serve on the Association’s Research Advisory Panel and Education Advisory Panel. The Council also filled two casual vacancies on its own Research Committee and its Finance & Strategic Policy Committee.

Council Members considered some topical issues including the imminent launch of the new NICE Guidelines for Epilepsy; the Mental Health Bill and its implications for people with epilepsy; the Charities Bill and its implication for the governance of the Association.

The Research Committee reported that Dr Ingram Wright was re-elected as its Chair and the Education Committee reported that Mr Ron Radley was re-elected as its Chair and Mr David Streets as its Vice-Chair.

Council agreed the membership of its new Corporate Governance Committee and this will have its first meeting before the end of the year. Among its initial items to consider will be the appraisal of Council.

The day after the Council meeting, Council Members attended their annual Training Day and received presentations from the Association’s auditors, investment brokers and solicitors. They were updated about the forthcoming changes to the laws and regulations affecting charities in relation to finance and governance. Council Members also undertook their annual detailed risk assessment of the Association’s activities.

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