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Council of Management meeting - February 2005

The Council of Management met on Tuesday 1 February 2005. It heard and discussed reports from each of its Committees: Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research, and received and discussed reports on finance and investments. In addition, Council discussed and agreed the following items.

A policy on education inclusion of children and young people with epilepsy was considered and approved by Council. This policy states:

'Epilepsy Action promotes the rights of children and young people with epilepsy to receive an education giving full access to the whole-school curriculum. This will take into account a child or young person’s individual abilities and provide the opportunities to achieve their full potential. To be fully ‘inclusive’ this education must include appropriate provision in academic, pastoral and extra-curricular activities.'

Council considered numerous candidates to serve on the Association’s new Advisory Panel for Wales and agreed to invite the following people to serve:

  • Chair: Prof. Mike Kerr (Cardiff)
  • Dr Duncan Cameron (Conwy)
  • Alan Howells (Llandudno)
  • Erica Hillman (Newport)
  • Dee Polacarz (Haverfordwest)
  • Dr Phil Smith (Cardiff)
  • Dr Ajay Thapar (Cardiff)
  • Ian Walker (Conwy)

Council agreed to make the 2004 Epilepsy Action Branch of the Year Award to Nottingham branch. The Stoke-on-Trent branch was also highly commended for its efforts during the year. In addition, Council decided to make Branch Member of the Year Awards to the following people:

  • John Bostock (Stoke-on-Trent)
  • Arlene Chambers (Armagh)
  • Enid Dunn (North Devon)
  • Marie Edgar (London Forum)
  • Alison Jackson (Pershore)
  • Lynne Ratcliffe (South Manchester)
  • Ginny Saffron (Barnet)
  • Ian Wardle (Preston)

Council also considered several nominations from Association members for the Epilepsy Action Award 2005. In the end, it was decided that the worthy recipient should be St Paul’s Primary School, Gloucester.

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