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Council of Management meeting - April 2006

4 April 2006

The Council of Management met on Tuesday 4 April 2006 at which time Members received and discussed reports from each of its committees – Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research. Council also received and discussed reports on finance and the Association’s investments.

Council approved a research grant of £36,427 to go to Dr Henry Smithson at the Research Unit in Escrick near York for a study into the diagnostic difficulties of epilepsy in older people.

Council also accepted a recommendation from its Research Committee to invite Dr Paul Norman and Dr Chris Cull to serve on the Association’s Research Advisory Panel.

Council voted to recognise Brian Chappell, Val Woodley and Elaine Bowden jointly as the winners of the Epilepsy Action Award for 2005. There were a total of 35 nominations and Council was impressed with the high quality and wide range of the candidates.

Council voted to approve and adopt the Year End accounts for 31 December 2005. These will now be presented to the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting in June.

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