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Council of Management meeting - May 2006

9 May 2006

The Council of Management met on Tuesday 9 May 2006 at which time members received and discussed reports from each of its committees – Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research. Council also received and discussed reports on finance and the Association’s investments.

Council received written annual reports from each of its committees and reviewed the terms of reference it has set for each committee. Council decided not to make any changes at this time to those terms of reference.

Council approved a small amendment to the Association’s investment policy allowing for greater freedom of contact with the Association’s professional investment advisers.

Council decided to nominate Dr Ingram Wright to be the Association’s representative on the Little Foundation and to serve as one of the Foundation’s honorary vice presidents. The Little Foundation is a small grant giving charity with an interest in supporting research into children with epilepsy.

The Council reviewed and adopted new protocols for the Branch of the Year Award and for Branch Member of the Year Awards. Having been approved and adopted by Council, these protocols will now be put into practice during the course of this year.

Council discussed the idea of the Association using identifying marks or names on the outer covers of envelopes its uses. At present, all mail sent by Epilepsy Action cannot be identified as being from Epilepsy Action. Council asked staff to consult with the Association’s different stakeholder groups to find out the wider view on this subject.

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