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Council of Management meeting - October 2006

3 October 2006

The Council of Management met on Tuesday 3 October 2006 at which time Members received and discussed reports from each of its committees – Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research. Council also received and discussed reports on finance and the Association’s investments.

Council charged its Finance and Strategic Policy Committee to review a number of topics including: - Association membership, the Association’s policy on receiving sponsorship and various guideline documents that inform Council practice and procedure. The Committee was also requested to adopt a watching brief on relations between the Association and the Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC).

The Association operates a subsidiary company called BEA Trading Limited. This is the company through which the Association sells its Christmas cards, small gifts and other Epilepsy Action branded items. Council has requested that BEA Trading Limited draft a business plan for the company’s future development.

Members decided to make health and care services for people with epilepsy a campaign priority in 2007. Staff have been asked to prepare a policy position on this subject for Council to consider.

It was agreed that the 2007 Annual General Meeting and National Conference would take place at a venue in Manchester.

On Wednesday 4 October, Members of Council attended their annual training day at New Anstey House. Topics covered included: the Association’s financial management, the Association’s investments, an update about the work of the Epilepsy Services department, the induction of new members of Council and a review of the results of the recent Association stakeholder survey.

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