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Council of Management meeting - April 2007

3 April 2007

The Council of Management met for the second time this year on Tuesday 3 April 2007.

The main item of business was consideration of the 2006 annual accounts and trustees’ report which Council resolved to approve. The report and accounts will now be presented to the members of the Association at the AGM in June later this year. Council also resolved to produce a new ‘Impact Report’, in addition to the annual report, detailing not just the activities of the Association’s work but focusing on the effect that this work has on peoples’ lives.

Members received and discussed reports from each of Council’s committees – Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research. Council also received and discussed reports on finance and the Association’s investments and it considered and approved a three year business plan for the development of the Association’s trading company.

Time was taken to further examine and discuss procedures for managing potential conflicts of interest of Council Members. There was also further discussion about arrangements for Council meetings and meetings of Council’s Committees.

Finally, in advance of the AGM, Council passed a resolution to close the register of members of the Association from to 18 May to 16 June 2007, both dates inclusive.

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