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Council of Management meeting - July 2007

17 July 2007

The new Council of Management met for the first time after the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 17 July 2007. New members Ena Bingham and June Massey were welcomed and congratulated on their election.

The meeting opened with the election of the Officers. Mike Harnor was re-elected as Chair of Council, Ingram Wright was elected as Vice Chair of Council and June Massey was elected as Honorary Treasurer.

As usual the July meeting of Council was very busy. Members received and discussed update reports from each of Council’s committees – Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research. As is customary in July each year, the membership of all the committees was reviewed and re-elected.

Council carried out a thorough review of the Association’s financial performance during the calendar year to date and Members decided that this was satisfactory and no adjustments needed to be made. Following work by the Corporate Governance committee, Council approved and adopted a plan for the induction of new trustees. It also decided to adopt and work towards the seven principles of good governance as promoted by the Governance Hub. The Corporate Governance committee was subsequently tasked with investigating how Council business and function might benefit from the wider use of information technology.

Members considered a report by the outgoing Vice Chair, David Streets, on the annual self appraisal of Council. Matters arising from this will be followed up by the Corporate Governance committee and during the annual Council training day which is scheduled for 3 October.

Other decisions made by Council included one to increase the amount of public information about itself and its work by developing a much bigger information section about Council on the Association’s website. Members also approved six revised and updated Council guideline documents. Finally, Members reviewed the successful outcome of the 2007 national conference and AGM held in Manchester and approved a proposal to hold the 2008 national conference and AGM in London.

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