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Council of Management meeting - October 2008

At its last meeting on 7 October the Council made the following decisions and instigated the following actions.

In light of the current volatile global financial situation, Council devoted quite some time to consideration of the charity’s finances, in particular the security of its investment portfolio and other reserves and the future prospects for fundraising. It concluded that the low risk investment strategy currently employed was still the safest option to protect the assets of the charity. It was also acknowledged that 2009 would likely be a difficult year for fundraising and plans may need to be adapted accordingly.

A new policy for trustees and staff was approved concerning the receipt of personal gifts and hospitality. In future all such things above a value of £20 will be disclosed and registered.

Membership of a new scientific awards panel was agreed. The panel will advise the Council’s research committee on its grant making. Dr Markus Reuber, the chair of Council’s research committee, was nominated by Council as Epilepsy Action’s ex officio Vice President of the charity, the Little Foundation.

Dr Khalid Hamandi, a consultant neurologist from Cardiff, was appointed as a member of the charity’s Advisory Panel for Wales.

A working group of four Council members was established to provide a sounding board for ideas to mark the charity’s 60th anniversary, its diamond jubilee, in 2010. Activities related to epilepsy and the arts were identified for initial exploration.

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