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Council of Management meeting - May 2008

The Council of Management met on 13 May. This was a short business meeting followed by presentations to Council by staff from the Communications department, the Epilepsy Services department and the Regional Services department about current activities.

Members received and briefly discussed update reports from each of Council’s committees – Corporate Governance, Education, Finance & Strategic Policy, Standing Committee and Research. The annual report of each committee was submitted and approved by Council. The terms of reference of each committee were reviewed and no changes were made.

A correction was approved to Note 4 of the 2007 annual accounts. Details of this correction will be circulated to all members who have received a copy of the printed annual accounts.

A research grant of £69,052 was awarded to Professor Ann Jacoby in Liverpool for her project called: “The role of resilience for good quality of life in epilepsy and factors promoting such resilience”.

There was a very brief discussion about epilepsy and the Arts and whether or not there were issues surrounding this with which the charity should be engaged. Staff were asked to review the subject and produce a briefing paper to inform further discussion by Council at its next meeting on 15 July.

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