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Council of management meeting - October 2009

The Council of Management met on Tuesday 6 October and in a busy meeting it made some important decisions. The author William Fiennes was appointed as a new Honorary Vice President of the Association. This appointment is subject to confirmation by the members of the Association at the AGM to be held in June 2010. William recently published a book detailing his experience of living with his late brother who had epilepsy.

Council considered and adopted a policy framework for education. This spells out the charity’s position on the critical areas of epilepsy and education and will help to set our education campaign agenda.

The charity has several advisory panels that it uses to inform its work in areas like healthcare, education and research. Council approved a set of criteria to use to evaluate the performance of these panels to ensure that they are effective and worthwhile. All of the panels will be reviewed by the end of the year.

Council spent a great deal of its time reflecting on the charity’s finances and making plans for next year. The economic situation remains very difficult and the outlook over the next twelve to eighteen months is hard to predict. Against this background, Council has made the priority to be to safeguard and protect the charity’s existing services as long as these continue to be needed.

On Wednesday 7 October, Council held a training day. Members received operational updates about the Association’s work; reviewed their financial responsibilities and duties as charity trustees and met with the charity’s investment adviser. Members also spent time on strategic discussions about the role of volunteers and local branches and about delivering services to marginal and minority groups of people with epilepsy.

Event Date: 
Friday 16 February 2018

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