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Council of Management meeting - April 2010

13 April 2010 

Every year at the April Council meeting, the Council members are required to approve the charity’s audited annual accounts and trustees’ report for the previous year. At its meeting on 13 April, the Council duly reviewed and approved the 2009 annual accounts and their trustees’ report. The publication of this document is one of the legal obligations on the charity trustees and its content and format is largely determined by statutory requirement. The accounts are prepared by the charity’s appointed external auditor, RSM Tenon Audit Limited and they include a statement from the auditor to confirm that the accounts are a true and fair representation of the financial affairs of the charity.

A copy of the approved document is made available to every member of the Association either in print or via the charity’s website. It is also available to anyone else who would like to see it. It is formally presented to the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting in June when people have the opportunity to ask questions about it.

It provides people with a detailed explanation about the financial year of the charity, telling where the charity’s money came from and what it was spent on. It also shows how much money the Association has in reserve and where and how it is invested. The trustees’ report provides a detailed commentary on the work and the business of the charity. Importantly, this describes the benefit to people with epilepsy that was achieved during the year and the progress that was made in moving towards the accomplishment of the charity’s strategic aims.

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