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Council of management meeting - May 2010

18 May 2010 

The Council of Management met on 18 May. One important item of business it considered was a new strategic research plan for the organisation.

Epilepsy Action has been involved in epilepsy research for more than fifty years. It has a tremendous record of supporting pioneering work and encouraging others to invest in research into epilepsy. The new plan recognises that research is still an important and valuable part of the mix of activities that Epilepsy Action is involved in. It describes how the charity hopes to spend an estimated £1.2 million over the next seven years until the end of 2016 through a combination of grants, bursaries, studentships and prizes.

The plan sets out three priority areas for investigation. They are: -

  • Psychosocial research which focuses on how epilepsy affects the lives and well being of people living with the condition
  • Applied clinical research which focuses on obtaining knowledge of direct relevance to clinical practice and healthcare
  • Research into the causes and cures of epilepsy

In pursuing these priorities, Epilepsy Action will ensure that people with epilepsy and their carers are directly involved so that the research carried out is relevant and important to them and their needs.

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