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Council of Management meeting - October 2010

The Council of Management held its fifth meeting of the year on Tuesday 5 October.

It approved a new strategy for the charity’s work in the field of Education covering the period 2011 to 2013 presented by the Council’s Education Committee. The strategy’s aims include ensuring that all people with epilepsy receive the education they deserve to reach their full potential. It also aims to raise the awareness of educationalists about epilepsy and the implications of the condition for education. Work will be focused on local authorities and other education providers, special education needs and initial teacher training.

Every year Council members set aside a day for training and updating themselves in their role as trustees of the charity. This year’s training day took place on Wednesday 6 October. Members met with Epilepsy Action’s senior managers to review the charity’s activity across its six operational departments.

Epilepsy Action is a member of the Joint Epilepsy Council, (JEC). The Chief Executive of JEC, Sharon Wood, and its vice Chair, Graham Faulkner, gave a very welcome presentation about the work of JEC and its future plans. Members dedicated most of the afternoon to strategic thinking about the future of epilepsy and Epilepsy Action.

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