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April 2011

The Council of Management met for the second time this year on Tuesday 12 April at New Anstey House in Leeds. Council members approved the audited accounts for 2010 and also their own trustees’ annual report. This will soon be publicly available and presented to the annual general meeting in June.

The Council approved the award of two important research grants based on the recommendation of the charity’s independent Scientific Awards Panel. A grant of £46,800 over two years was awarded to Dr Pam Thompson of University College London Institute of Neurology for the project Optimizing memory functioning in people with temporal lobe epilepsy. A PhD studentship grant of £75,000 over three years was approved for Professor Mark Richardson of Kings College London for the project Prediction of antiepileptic drug effectiveness using transcranial magnetic brain stimulation.

The Council awarded honorary life membership of British Epilepsy Association to Dr Jonathan Bird, Dr Stephen Brown and Mr Ron Radley. All three have given years of outstanding service and support to the charity and the Council wanted to recognise this with a suitable acknowledgement.

A new Health and Clinical Advisory Panel for the charity was established with Dr Markus Reuber appointed as its Chair. This panel of 27 experts will help to inform Epilepsy Action on anything to do with health or clinical matters.

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