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July 2011

The Council of Management met for the fourth time this year on 19 July at New Anstey House in Leeds. Every year at this time the Council elects its Chair, its vice-Chair and the Honorary Treasurer of the Association. June Massey was re-elected for a second year as the Chair of Council. Keith Skivington was re-elected for a second year as vice-Chair of Council. Beryl Sharlot was re-elected for a third year as the Association’s Honorary Treasurer.

Also every year at this time the Council elects the members of its various Committees. The Committees are – Corporate Governance; Education; Finance & Strategic Policy and Research. They are a very important part of the way that Council works. Council delegates specific tasks, duties and responsibilities to each Committee and these then report back to Council on what they have been doing and with any recommendations for action.

During the Spring the Council carries out its annual performance appraisal. The vice-Chair of Council collates the results and the Corporate Governance Committee produces recommendations for improvement. Council looked at these recommendations in July and approved them in the form of an action plan that will run for the next twelve months.

At the end of last year the Council announced the establishment of a new identity for the charity’s work in Wales. This identity is Epilepsy Action Cymru. Now the Council has adopted a policy on the Welsh language in the form of a statement. This outlines our commitment to providing communications in Welsh. 

At the end of the meeting, once again, Council members were joined by the senior managers of the charity. This was for the consideration of a first draft of a new corporate strategy. This is the plan that will direct Epilepsy Action’s work for the next five years. A second draft of the strategy will be considered by the Council at its next meeting in October and a final draft will be approved by the end of the year.

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