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December 2011

The Council of Management held its final meeting of the year in December. It is at this meeting that Council finalises plans and budgets for the next calendar year. With all of the economic uncertainty this was more than usually difficult this year.

The Council took the view that fundraising will be even more difficult in 2012 and for some time after that. Despite this, Council was determined to ensure that Epilepsy Action’s vital services are protected. The charity also has a new strategy in place for the next 5 years with many exciting developments planned. For these reasons, Council approved a major expansion of fundraising activity for the next 3 years. This is designed to increase the charity’s income to more than £4 million a year. It will take time for this extra fundraising to have an effect. Until it does, Council decided to use the charity’s financial reserves if necessary to ensure services remain intact.

Another very significant decision was to approve the use of clear plastic wrappers for mailing copies of Epilepsy Today. Anyone who still wants to receive their copy in a plain unmarked envelope will be able to request that option. It was also agreed to start putting Epilepsy Action branding on outer envelopes to help raise the profile of the charity. These decisions were informed by the result of consultations which indicated overwhelming support for these changes.

Dr Frances Gibbon, a consultant paediatric neurologist, and Ms Sheila Lewis, an epilepsy specialist nurse, were both appointed as new members of Epilepsy Action’s National Advisory Council for Wales. All of the charity’s advisory panels – covering health, education, research, research awards and women – were reviewed and approved to continue.

The members of Council who will retire in 2012 were confirmed as Richard Chapman, John Bostock, Keith Skivington, Markus Reuber and Ron Rosenhead. Each one is eligible to stand for re-election. If you would like to stand for election to become a Council member then look out for the official nomination forms early in 2012. To stand for election you must have been a member of Epilepsy Action for at least 12 months.

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