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Council of Management meeting - February 2012

The Council of Management held its first meeting of 2012 on 7 February when it had a packed agenda.

As the governing body of the charity, the Council is especially aware of its responsibility to exercise good governance. Having completed an audit of its governance the Council has now agreed a plan of action to ensure it is complying with accepted standards and principles.

One aspect of the Council’s duties is to safeguard the charity against risks and threats. Every year it carries out a comprehensive risk assessment and ensures the charity is as well protected as it can be. The latest risk assessment was completed at the February Council meeting. Following this, and in addition to the annual assessment, Council decided to start reviewing the principal risks every quarter. 

Epilepsy Action owns the scientific journal Seizure. The new Editor-in-Chief of the journal is Dr Markus Reuber. He is in the process of refreshing his editorial team and Council was pleased to confirm 3 new appointments. Dr Christoph Helmstaedter and Dr Tobias Loddenkemper join as Associate Editors. Dr Paulo Tinuper joins as a member of the editorial board.

Local branches make a hugely valuable contribution to the work of Epilepsy Action. In recognition of this, every year, the Council makes an Epilepsy Action Branch of the Year award. The winner in 2011is the Omagh branch from Northern Ireland. Branches in Scarborough, Warwick and District and Aberystwyth were all highly commended. Council also recognises outstanding personal contributions made by individuals with the award of Epilepsy Action Branch Member of the Year. For 2011 the winners of these awards were Elinor Denning, Amanda Key, Rhian Jenkins, Christine Gore, Joan Plimbley, LeeAnn Taggart, Mark Adams, Kamlesh Adams, Pam Milne, Laura Robinson and Kevin Whittle.

Epilepsy Action’s most prestigious award is the Lord Hastings Award, named after a former President of the charity. It is given never more than once every 2 years and then only to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of people with epilepsy. Council decided to give the Lord Hastings Award in 2012 to Dr Jim Morrow from Belfast.

In other business, Council decided to recommend the re-appointment of RSM Tenon Audit Ltd. as auditors of the charity and it also approved terms of reference for setting up a new Fundraising Advisory Panel.

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