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Council of Management meeting - February 2013

5 February 2013

The Council of Management met on 5 February. This was its first meeting since Council member Hilary Figg passed away in December. Council members remembered their colleague and friend who had served on Council for 32 years without a break. Hilary had been an active volunteer for the charity for nearly fifty years. As a lasting and fitting tribute to Hilary’s memory, Council decided to create the ‘Hilary Figg Volunteer Award for Long Service’.

Down to more regular business and Council carried out its annual assessment of the risks the charity is exposed to. It then looked at the measures in place to address these risks. This is a very important task that the Council does. Because of this, Council decided that it will monitor risks in the future every three months.

The Council agreed to re-appoint RSM Tenon Audit Ltd. as the charity’s auditors and a resolution to that effect will now be presented at the AGM for members of the charity to vote on. Over the next 12 months the Council will review the position of its auditors and decide whether or not to re-appoint the same firm next year.

The Council is committed to following good practice guidelines on governance. As a result it has completed an audit of the skills and experience of Council members. It has also examined Council’s ethnic, age, religious/faith and sexual orientation diversity. It has concluded that Council should aim to be a more diverse group and that it might benefit from having more skills or experience in fundraising; marketing and public relations; accountancy and campaigning. The Council has now instructed staff to set up a programme that will encourage more members of the charity to put themselves forward for election to Council. This will emphasise the special need at this time for people who can help to improve Council’s diversity and its mix of skills and experience.

To stand for election as a member of the Council of Management you must have been a member of the charity for at least 12 months by 15 April 2013. Also, you must not be disqualified from being a company director or a charity trustee. You have to be nominated by two other members of the charity and your nomination must be received at the Head Office by 15 April 2013. The election of Council members take place on 18 June at the Annual General Meeting.

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled to take place on 9 April 2013.


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