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Council of Management meeting - July 2014

At its meeting on 15 July, the Council of Management welcomed Jane Riley for the first time as a newly elected Council member.

The July meeting is the first one in the Council’s year. Traditionally, this is when Council elects the 3 Officers and the members of the Council Committees. This year Beryl Sharlot was elected as Chair of Council. Ian Walker was elected as vice Chair of Council. June Massey was elected as Honorary Treasurer. All 3 were elected unanimously and all 3 will now begin the second year of a maximum 3 consecutive years in office.

Every year the Council carries out a self assessed performance appraisal using 6 principles of good governance as its benchmark. The appraisal concludes with an agreed plan of action to develop and improve the Council. In the year ahead the plan will focus on ensuring that Council is aware of the impact its decisions have on the charity’s stakeholders and its external environment.

Council members carried out a thorough review of the 2014 revenue budget performance and business plan for the first six months of the year. Members were pleased to note that plans were on track and no adjustments were needed at this time.

Every three months the Council examines the major risks that the charity is exposed to. It completed the latest of these reviews at its July meeting and was content that risks continue to be well managed.

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled to take place on 7 October 2014.

Event Date: 
Thursday 17 July 2014 - 11:07

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