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Council of Management meeting - May 2015

The Council of Management met on 12 May for its third meeting of the year.

Annual reports were considered from all of the Council Committees – Corporate Governance, Finance and Strategic Policy, Research and the Standing Committee. Each Committee was re-approved to continue for a further 12 months. The Committees play an important role in the business of Council. They have specific remits which are defined in terms of reference. Following these, the Committees carry out much of the detailed work required to bring issues before Council.

An essential role of the Council is to safeguard the charity against loss or damage. Every year the trustees carry out a comprehensive risk assessment. This is reinforced by performing a further assessment of the top risks the charity faces every three months. The Council looks at the potential risks the charity is exposed to, considers the likelihood of each risk actually happening and makes a judgement about the possible impact if the risk did occur. Risks are then ranked in order of ‘seriousness’ and an appropriate response to each one is calculated.

Council completed its May meeting with a two hour performance self-appraisal discussion. This was the first time Council has used this format.

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled to take place on 14 July 2015.

Event Date: 
Wednesday 29 April 2015 - 11:54

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