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Sue MitchellCommunications Manager, Sue Mitchell

Sue is responsible for the team that manages all aspects of Epilepsy Action’s communication with the public and the media. The 12 team members are responsible for the following areas of work:

Public relations

The PR team works to raise the profile of epilepsy and Epilepsy Action. We recruit media volunteers and celebrity supporters. The teams work across traditional media, alongside social and online media, and use the full marketing mix to reach the public, our stakeholders and specialist audiences.


We work hard to ensure that decision makers and legislators consider the needs of people with epilepsy. This involves raising the profile of epilepsy with politicians, healthcare providers, educationalists, social care providers, employers and more. By responding to consultations and flagging up where people with epilepsy may be unfairly affected, we aim to build a better future for everyone with the condition.

Design and print

The design team produce Epilepsy Action’s print, from letterheads to information booklets. We edit and publish the magazines 'Epilepsy Today' and 'Epilepsy Professional'. We produce over 120 different publications every year - over one million pieces of print. We have also moved into the world of digital publishing. ‘Epilepsy Today’ and our range of advice and information titles are available for the Kindle. We also have an online version of the ‘Epilepsy Today’, updated almost daily with the latest news on epilepsy.

Corporate image

We work to ensure that Epilepsy Action’s goals and opinions are accurately represented. We also make sure that our logo is used correctly and that all our materials are accessible and reflect the diversity of our members and service users. We aim to use plain English and provide accurate information that people know they can trust.

Internet services

The web team oversee all of Epilepsy Action’s digital services. We are also active in using social media to ensure that our services are available across a broad spectrum of media. In 2013, over one million people visited our site’s advice and information pages, helping to make our website the most popular epilepsy site outside the US and number three in the world.

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