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Local Services

Helen Murray-SharpeNational manager for local services, Helen Murray-Sharpe

Helen’s role is to manage Epilepsy Action’s local services work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The team is made up of two local services officers based at our headquarters in Leeds.

We also have six local services managers (LSMs) based around the country and a national coordinator for volunteers.

Find Epilepsy Action events and groups near to you

The team sets up and supports a network of volunteers, branches and groups. Helping people locally to

  • share experiences 
  • build friendships 
  • get information on epilepsy
  • raise awareness in their area about the condition
  • campaign for better services
  • offer support to others

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My Wife is 51 and has Epilepsy due to meningitis as a 6 month old baby and has seizures since 1964 was told in 2013 that she now has Generalized brain atrophy.

since then I have been looking for information and support groups.

could you please help as I live in grimsby ne lincs

Submitted by Graham Blakey on

Hi Graham,

We have a local coffee and chat group in Grimsby.  It meets on the first Thursday of every month from 11am to 12.30pm at the Yarborough Hotel on Bethlehem Street.

If you like more information, please contact Cliff on 01274 640 064 or by email to cchallenger@epilepsy.org.uk

Best wishes, Mark, Epilepsy Action

Submitted by Mark@Epilepsy Action on

I know a man who suffers from epilepsy an is terrified to do stuff in case he has a fit I was just wondering if you know of any groups in Nottingham derby area that he could attend I've given him the info of the one at squares 6- 9 poultry arcade 7pm till 8.3.30 but would like to know of any more in the area
thank you very much
Louise Taylor
Support worker
For Erewash mental Health

Submitted by louise on

Dear Louise
That is the only such group we have right now in Nottingham. You could want to contact Will Butterworth, our manager for central England, who may have additional information that could help. You can email him at wbutterworth@epilepsy.org.uk or phone 0113 210 8800.

Many also find our online forum, forum4e at forum.epilepsy.org.uk, is a good place to start. The forum has thousands of members with helpful advice and experience to share.

Best wishes
Epilepsy Action

Submitted by Sacha, Epilepsy... on

All very helpful, thank you

Submitted by Donald Jones on

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