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Epilepsy Action position statement on cannabis research

Epilepsy is a condition that can be very difficult to treat. Many people with epilepsy have their condition controlled with epilepsy medicines. For others - around 30 per cent of those with epilepsy - epilepsy medicines are not effective in controlling seizures.

Cannabis is made up of a number of components. It is thought that one of these may have anti-epileptic properties. This component, cannabidiol (CBD), is presently going through limited clinical trials. This study could give more of an insight into the possibility of using a component of cannabis to treat epilepsy. Epilepsy Action therefore welcomes research into this area. It could help our understanding of the anti-epileptic components of cannabis. It may also prove useful in the long term for people whose epilepsy does not respond to current anti-epileptic treatments.

Read more about the clinical trials

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