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of everyone affected by epilepsy

Statement on 'Involuntary Dances' at the Bradford Playhouse – 24 November 2009

We recognise that everyone is free to make choices about their own health. However, we are very concerned that a person with epilepsy would stop taking their anti-epilepsy medication voluntarily in order to induce a seizure. This is potentially very dangerous and something we would strongly urge this person not to do. Seizures can bring with them the risk of injury from jerking or falling and, in the worst cases, death.

People with epilepsy should not make any changes to their anti-epilepsy medication without consulting with their doctor first.

It is also concerning that the performance could influence others to do something similar. At the very least, the performance should carry a health warning advising people that they should not attempt this themselves under any circumstances.

We've had several complaints about this. I'm sure that many of our members would also consider the performance inappropriate.

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