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Social care green paper – 'Shaping the Future of Care Together'

August 2009 

There are currently new broad proposals for a reform of social care funding for people over the age of 65, published by the government in the green paper ‘Shaping the Future of Care Together.’

The green paper states that some current funding programmes such as Attendance Allowance (AA) may be affected, and may be drawn together into a wider social care budget. It is possible that the care element of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) may also be affected.

The green paper is part of a wider government review, and discusses how social care is paid for, rather than how this social care will be provided. The government is consulting on a number of broad issues and we would encourage people to respond to this consultation with their own opinions.

At this stage, Epilepsy Action does not feel able to take a position regarding this green paper as there are no specific proposals to change how social care is delivered. We do not have a position on the future funding mechanisms of social care.

If there are changes to AA and DLA, no one knows what the alternatives will be. It is not yet known whether any change would impact positively or negatively on people with epilepsy who currently receive these payments.

Epilepsy Action will continue to closely monitor the green paper and all care related issues, and will always stand up for the rights of people with epilepsy. We continue to represent the views of people with epilepsy, and ensure that their care needs, at whatever age, are met.

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