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Template disability discrimination letter


Re: Equality Act 2010

I am writing to complain that I believe I was treated less favourably by your organisation for a reason related to my disability, than someone who does not have my disability.

I experienced the less favourable treatment on (insert date……) at (insert here the name and address of the business  where this issue occurred…………………....…).

What happened is that (write a couple of paragraphs to explain how this organisation has potentially discriminated against you. For example: “‘I went to your organisation for a spa day with my mum. When I arrived I was asked to fill in a form about my health. I wrote on the form that I had epilepsy. The receptionist took the form and then went to get the spa manager. The manager then told me that I couldn’t use any of the facilities at the spa, due to my epilepsy. I tried to explain that my epilepsy was well controlled, but the manager wouldn’t listen.”)

Epilepsy is an individual condition. This means that it affects everyone differently. (You might want to explain what happened in a bit more detail. For example:  None of the staff were willing to discuss how my epilepsy affects me/ my seizure frequency/ my seizure type/ what might trigger my seizures.) Without full information about my condition, your staff couldn’t consider any reasonable adjustments to enable me to access your service.

The treatment I received made me feel (briefly explain how the incident made you feel. You could also include any cost or inconvenience caused).

The Equality Act says that it is unlawful for a business or person to discriminate against a disabled person by:

  • Refusing to provide any service which it offers or provides to members of the public
  • Providing service of a lower standard or in a worse manner
  • Providing service on worse terms
  • Failing to comply with a duty to make reasonable adjustments where required to enable a disabled person to access a service unless such discrimination can be justified

In response to my complaint, I would like you to explain your reasons for treating me less favourably.

Please explain what steps you intend to take to meet this legal duty; to allow disabled customers to access your services on the same basis as non-disabled people. If no action is to be taken, please explain the reasons why.

I look forward to receiving your written reply within 14 days.  If I do not receive an adequate written reply within 14 days I reserve the right to take action under the Equality Act.

Yours faithfully

(insert your name here)

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