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"Why I like working for Epilepsy Action"

Thinking of coming to work with us?  We asked our colleagues what they liked about working for Epilepsy Action:

MaxineMaxine, who supports our epilepsy helpline advisers, said

"I love working at Epilepsy Action because of my great colleagues. Everyone at Epilepsy Action is helpful and friendly, nothing is too much trouble. Also when you help your colleagues they are really grateful.

"Flextime makes my working life a little easier. If there is a family crisis and I need to go home early or not come in that day then its fine I just take some flex leave. When I am really busy I don’t mind coming in early or leaving late as I know I will be able to take that time back at a time that suits me. If I just want to take an afternoon off I can and I don’t have to feel guilty about it. Also no panicking if the traffic is busy one morning. I can also take holidays at any time of year; I’ve only had one holiday refused in 19 years!

"Knowing that my hard work and extra effort is going to help someone with epilepsy receive the information they are desperate to receive quickly. I work a little with the Sapphire Nurses and Epilepsy Specialist Nurses and all of them are so dedicated which makes me want to help them all the more."

CliffCliff, our local services manager for the north of England, said:

"I genuinely help people with epilepsy. It’s great to work with volunteers, channel their enthusiasm and enable their ideas to be put into practice.

"Unlike many charity jobs the post is not time-limited. OK we know money has to come in but no worries about the next lottery bid succeeding.

"And it's good to be part of a national, not a local organisation, but we are not so large that you feel lost in the place."

MarkMark, our digital media manager, said

"I work with a great bunch of people, all of who are focussed on working very hard to support people with epilepsy. Having spent 12 years working in the charity sector, I'd never go back to the private sector now!

"Flextime makes my life a lot easier. I know that if I want to leave early one day, it's fine to put the extra time in to make up.

"On a summer's day, there are some lovely places to have your lunch nearby - parks with lakes (one of which is ideal for planespotters, being so close to Leeds-Bradford airport!)".

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It was great to read this page. My Epilepsy is having a harder impact on my life now that I have a 1year old son. I'm bored of my current job and would love to see what careers their are with Epilepsy Action

Submitted by Anthony Lloyd on

Hi Anthony - thanks for your message.

We don't have any vacancies at the moment but they are advertised on this page when we do https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/about/vacancies.

Best wishes


Submitted by John-Epilepsy Action on

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