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Improving lives

Stevie and Philip

The big numbers for 2015

  • Our income was £2.95 million
  • We spent £2.65 million
  • We directly helped 1.42 million people

Over 1.42 million people used our services in 2015 – a huge number and a record for Epilepsy Action. That’s enough people to fill Wembley nearly 16 times over and if we sat all of them next to each other, the line would stretch over 530 miles!

The danger of reporting numbers is that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the numbers are actually real people: people from every walk of life, each with very different stories to tell. Put that together with all of those that make our services possible and Epilepsy Action becomes an amazing community, all coming together to share and gain understanding and support.

And so I want to thank you. Because this would have been an impossible task without you, and all of our other members, volunteers, supporters and donors. In the ‘What we do’ section you will read more of what, together, we have achieved.

You may have shared your personal experience with epilepsy. This informs our advice and information, our campaigns and the way we talk to those that run our health service, schools and workplaces. You may have shared your time as a volunteer, helping us reach more people, in more places, with vital help and support. You may have used our advice and information or one of our other services, helping us learn more about the needs of people with epilepsy.

You may have supported us financially, as a member or donor. At a very basic level, providing 1.42 million people with our services cost just over £1.86 each in 2015. Simply by being a member, you help over 21 people every year!

This snapshot of our work in 2015 inevitably reports on numbers and projects. But the real story isn’t about Epilepsy Action. It is about all the people in the Epilepsy Action community. The real story is how we have all worked together, in our own ways, to help and support each other. Thank you!

Philip Lee
Chief Executive, April 2016

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