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Helpline users

Epilepsy Action Helpline services in 2015

Impact of using the Epilepsy Action Helpline service

  • 51% people reported a better quality of life
  • 20% reported better seizure control
  • 11% had had their treatment reviewed
  • 8% had gained a referral to a specialist
  • 6% reported increased confidence
  • 2% had had an employment risk assessment
  • 2% had received improved support in education

Epilepsy Action’s advice and information continues to be the main reason people use our services. By carefully combining the experience of our members and others with epilepsy, professional experts and the expertise of our staff, our information is highly valued and respected.

Demand for our advice and information services continued to grow in 2015, with an extra 83,905 people coming to us for information, reassurance and advice. In response the Epilepsy Action Helpline introduced live sessions on the website, extended the hours of the telephone service and improved our range of information.

To help us assess the usefulness of our service and to develop it in the future, we asked 190 service users what impact the service had had on them. The results are encouraging.

“I have gone back to work full time… I also now have a medical exemption certificate and a disabled travel pass… It makes me want to go out more. My confidence is coming back too.”

“Thank you for taking the time to listen to me…sometimes it gets very upsetting and I found the advice from the helpline comforting in difficult times.”

"I found your site a revelation and I only wish I’d found it sooner...thank you.”

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