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Epilepsy education in 2015:

Impact of online course for school staff:

  • 88% of participants felt better able to support pupils with epilepsy
  • 82% of participants said they now know how to support a pupil having a seizure
  • 85% said they will now use an individual healthcare plan with pupils with epilepsy

Epilepsy Action’s online learning expanded significantly in 2015. A growing selection of easy-to-access courses are available. Some are open to anyone, while others are aimed at school staff and care staff. A longer course aimed at helping people to understand and manage their own epilepsy was developed and will be launched in 2016.

Our support for epilepsy specialist nurses continued, through training and providing materials and information. Our magazine Epilepsy Professional provided a way for epilepsy specialists to keep up to date with new developments in epilepsy and to share their work. Alongside this we continued to publish Seizure, the European Journal of Epilepsy, featuring in-depth coverage of new research.

Working in partnership with the Epilepsy Society and commissioning groups, we launched an online toolkit. This gives practical examples, information and interactive tools to help commissioners plan epilepsy care. The Royal College of General Practitioners and The Association of British Neurologists endorsed the toolkit.

“As you go through the course, it shows you positive ways of dealing with epilepsy.”

“[The course] focuses me in a positive way regarding the anxiety side…I think this has made me realise that I need to keep on top of my anxiety and depression…it’s just as important as taking tablets.”

“I [have now] joined a golf club, had lessons and am making new friends. I’m exercising more…lost a little weight. I’m taking care of myself better – using mindfulness techniques regularly – feeling calmer.”

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