We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

We provide a voice for epilepsy

Providing a voice in 2015:

  • 13,230 people were members of Epilepsy Action
  • 55,369 people supported our work through Facebook
  • 1,034 people responded to our Seize Control patient survey
  • 44 local strategic meetings were attended, to influence future epilepsy services
  • 18 consultations responded to, on behalf of people with epilepsy
  • Nearly 1,000 people used our tool to contact their Members of Parliament

Impact of providing a voice for epilepsy in 2015:

Thanks to so many people with epilepsy sharing their experience and needs with us, Epilepsy Action is able to reflect that in everything we do. This is particularly powerful when we talk to decision makers and those responsible for providing healthcare and services.

Influencing regulation and policies isn’t easy or quick work. However, we can make sure that real people with epilepsy are represented and heard as we seek to build a better future for all people with epilepsy.

Our work in 2015 included responding to consultation from the government and healthcare providers. For example we gave a detailed response on the issue of access to surgery. We gave advice to organisations like the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Trust. And we represented your experiences to elected members across the governments of England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

We go directly to people with epilepsy when we need extra information on particular issues. For example, when talking to doctors and nurses about the need for regular epilepsy reviews, 1,034 people with epilepsy responded to our survey. This made sure that we were putting forward real and current issues.

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