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We raise awareness about epilepsy

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Raising awareness in 2015

Impact of work in communities

  • 93% of people knew more about about epilepsy after awareness training
  • 72% of event attendees felt less isolated and part of a larger community of people with epilepsy
  • 69% of event attendees felt more confident discussing epilepsy with healthcare professionals
  • 67% of event attendees felt more confident being open about their epilepsy

Sharing what it is like to live with epilepsy is one of our biggest goals. Helping everyone to better understand the condition can make a big difference – at school, work and in relationships with friends and family.

Epilepsy Action’s local groups demonstrate the power of a cup of tea and a chat with people that understand and are willing to share their own stories. Our 269 local volunteers led our work across UK communities and had a real impact on people’s day-to-day lives.

Beyond the regular groups, our volunteers held 72 awareness and information days around the UK, and gave 81 awareness sessions. Many of those attending this informal training worked for healthcare organisations, schools and colleges, and employers. In this way we can build a better future for people with epilepsy.

Our 2015 national awareness campaigns made the most of the way social media now links in with the traditional media of the press, TV and radio. On Purple Day we asked people ‘what does epilepsy look like?’ Many people felt able for the first time to share their stories. In National Epilepsy Week we encouraged people to ‘Seize Control’ by taking the lead in seeking medical reviews and the best treatment options for them.

Raising awareness relies heavily on telling real stories and 52 extra people joined our media volunteers to share their varying experiences with the press and online.

“I will be able to identify different types of seizure and feel confident in dealing with any clients with epilepsy.” (Delegate at awareness presentation)

“I will be able to support support the children in my care with their conditions – before, during and after a seizure.” (Delegate at awareness presentation)

“I was interested in the Seize Control campaign. As a person with epilepsy it has taught me that I am not alone.” (Local event attendee)

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