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Adrian Saint

Why on earth am I doing to the London Marathon this year? Here's my story........

My son, Isaac, had his first epileptic seizure at the age of 2½ years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy. For the last 5 years we have seen him suffer with 4 different types of seizure, ranging from atonics (head drops) which last a few seconds to tonic clonics (full blown seizures) which last up to 4 minutes and he has been hospitalised as a result of these on a few occasions.

Isaac is now 7½ and his epilepsy is thankfully now under control for the time being. However, we used Epilepsy Action's website on numerous occasions after Isaac's diagnosis and it helped us to understand and become familiar with all sorts of medication, types of seizure, prognosis and terminology that we were bombarded with. Epilepsy is unpredictable and can be incredibly hard to treat due to the complex nature of the brain, especially in children when their brains are still growing and changing. By donating to this charity it would mean so much to me, my family and to thousands of other people who are affected by epilepsy at some point in their life.

I started running about 18 months ago to try and get fit and lose a couple of stone!! I can't say it's been easy but I ran my first 10k race, followed by a half marathon in 2013. So I thought I would try my luck at the London Marathon as I am not getting any younger!

My training is going well, which currently consists of a couple of 4 to 6 mile runs during the week with long runs at the weekend building up to 20 miles which I aim to complete a couple of weeks before the main event. I have already endured some pretty disgusting weather, heavy rain and wind and I am sure before April I will no doubt have to run in some icy and snowy conditions as well, but whose complaining!

I would really appreciate your donation and support. Please donate what you can for Epilepsy Action.


You can support Adrian at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AdrianSaint

Adrian Saint
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