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Mark Kellaway

…being a “stay-at-home Dad”.

I stay at home to look after both of my small girls because of my epilepsy. There is no way that I would have been brave enough to have given up work to take on this commitment of 'stay-at-home Dad' (which has its own public misunderstanding).

However, because of epilepsy I had to give up my job just before my first daughter was born because it was too far to get to on public transport. Since then, I have had such a wonderful time being at home with her before she started school, and my youngest daughter. I am very glad to say that something more than positive has happened because of epilepsy.

I help out at lunchtimes at my daughter’s school with a girl who has just started this year and has epilepsy. I help her with her lunch and get her involved in games during her break and have really enjoyed doing it.

Mark Kellaway
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