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Epilepsy Action Edwards Awards 2017

Read the stories of our 2017 Edwards winners

Nominations for 2017 have now closed - thank you for all your fantastic entries.

Epilepsy Action’s Edwards awards celebrate the great work that some nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are doing to support their students with epilepsy. We want to shout out about them, and encourage others to follow the example of our winners!

If you would like to nominate your nursery, school, college or university:

  • It needs to be in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • It must meet the standards set by the government - don’t worry, we’ll know this from the answers you give on the nomination form
  • The support must have happened in the last 12 months
  • If the nursery, school, college or university has won an Edward before, you need to be able to show that new types of support have been put in place since the last award was given

Providing information to support the nomination

We need to know why you think your nursery, school, college or university deserves to win. The best way to do this is to give us examples. Here are some things we were told about last year’s nominees:

“The school recognises the importance of regular communication with Jenson and William’s parents to talk through and record any issues or concerns. The boys’ epilepsy specialist nurse gives staff regular training on how to deal with their seizures and there are plans in place to care for other pupils, should they have an epileptic seizure. Staff also ensure other pupils in the school understand what epilepsy is and how it affects Jenson and William.”

“School staff and Jonathan’s family use a school home care diary, which is completed daily and includes coloured circles to help Jonathan to communicate how he is feeling.”

“The epilepsy medicine that Rosie takes makes it difficult for her to remember things. The school has adapted the way they teach Rosie to help her with this. They have worked with Rosie to find the best way for her to learn. This includes helping Rosie to turn facts into a story as this helps her remember more.”

Supporting Information

We ask you to send things in to strengthen your nomination. We need copies of any documents or plans that have been made to support the child/student at their nursery, school, college or university. The law says that educational establishments must do certain things to assist students with health conditions, like epilepsy. Sending copies with your nomination means we can make sure they are doing these things.

Copies of other supporting documents such as photographs of activities, school diaries and school events are great too! Things like this give your nomination a better chance of being successful, as we can see how your nursery, school, college or university helps you or the child/student.

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