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Edwards awards frequently asked questions

Why do I have to include supporting information?
We need copies of any documents that have been created to help support your child in their nursery/school/college/university so that we can fully consider your nomination. The law says that there are certain things that educational establishments should do to support students with health conditions, like epilepsy. By providing us with copies of supporting information we can see that legal requirements are being met.

Copies of other supporting documents such as photographs of activities, school diaries and school events make your nomination even stronger. They give it a better chance of being successful, as we can see exactly what’s happening in the establishment you’ve nominated.

Why do I need to provide information about my child / student?
We need some basic information about your child/student so we can fully understand their needs and how the establishment you are nominating has provided them with individual support.

The information you supply will be used when we consider your nomination. It will not be shared publicly unless your nomination is successful.

The school my child attends has won an Edward in the past. Can it be nominated again?
Yes you can nominate them again. However, you must be able to show us that they have gone on to put new or improved support in place for your child since the last award.

How many awards will you make?
We aim to make 10 awards during National Epilepsy Week. However, this is dependent on the number and quality of the nominations we receive.

Will you make awards in every part of the UK?
We aim to make awards in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. This is dependent on the number and quality of the nominations we receive.

When will we find out if our nomination has been successful?
We will contact successful nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to tell them they have been successful by Friday 29 April. If you do not hear back from us by this date your nomination has not been successful.

When will we get our award?
Awards will be made during National Epilepsy Week, 15 – 21 May. The most appropriate date and time will be chosen based on discussions with the winners and the person who nominated them.

Where can I find out more about what schools should be doing to support pupils with epilepsy?
In September 2014, new guidance came into effect placing a legal requirement on schools in England to support children with medical conditions. It means that children with epilepsy should have full access to education and the support they need to learn. They should also enjoy the same opportunities at school as any other child. Government guidance varies depending where in the UK you live.

The Epilepsy Action website has information on statutory requirements for schools and other educational settings.

Epilepsy Action has also produced a free online course for staff working in schools to help them improve support for students with epilepsy. It includes:

  • Films showing different seizure types
  • Information about epilepsy – causes, seizure triggers
  • Stories from pupils with epilepsy
  • First aid for seizures
  • Guidance on producing an epilepsy policy
  • Links to statutory guidance
  • Interactive quizzes

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