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This page is about National Epilepsy Week 2010. Find out how you can get involved in 2016.

Rosie Gilmour [photo courtesy of Epilepsy Scotland]Sunday 13 to Saturday 19 June 2010

Rosie Gilmour is 16 years old and developed epilepsy when she was nine. Her seizures are now well controlled. She is one of our young ambassadors for this year's National Epilepsy Week.  

"I developed epilepsy when I was nine and used to have lots of different seizures. My epilepsy is now well-controlled although I have had a couple of small seizures quite recently. I feel really well generally but my medication does sometimes give me side-effects.

"My epilepsy did affect me when I was growing up and, for a time, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere on my own. But now I am more independent and I have a great network of friends and a supportive family, who all understand my epilepsy. I have just been signed up to a modelling agency and hope to go on and have a fantastic Rosie xcareer. 

"I work really hard to make sure my epilepsy does not hold me back in life.  I hope I can set an example to other young people to show that although epilepsy can impact on your life, you can still do everything you want to do."

Upfront young people’s campaign and National Epilepsy Week

Silhouettes of young peopleUpfront is Epilepsy Action’s campaign for young people with epilepsy.  Starting in the UK’s National Epilepsy Week, the campaign is running throughout 2010.

Survey of teenagers

The campaign is driven by the results of our survey completed by more than 250 young people with epilepsy. You told us how your epilepsy affects your life. You have also been telling us what information and support you want. But your main message is that ‘having epilepsy doesn’t hold you back from doing what you want in life’.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and shared your personal experiences with us.

One of the main things we discovered is that being well-informed about epilepsy can help you to cope better and manage how your epilepsy affects your life. So our job is to give you the support, advice and information you need.

To do this we have written a range of newUpfront web pages with the help of young people.  These pages give you information about epilepsy and a wide range of issues for example socialising, education, employment and relationships.

Epilepsy Action education awards, The Edwards

We are awarding the first round of our new education awards, the Edwards, during National Epilepsy Week. The Edwards recognise those nurseries and schools that go the extra mile to help young people with epilepsy achieve their potential. Read about the winners.

Upfront young people's drama workshop and family conference

We are also hosting Upfront about epilepsy, a young people’s drama workshop and family conference in London on 2 October 2010.

Upfront booklet

We also have available our Upfront booklet for young people.

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