We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Children being presented with an Edwards award

What's happened during National Epilepsy Week?

As in previous years, we wanted to telling as many people as possible about epilepsy, to help improve the lives of everyone affected by the condition.

In our recent poll, we found that many people don’t feel comfortable talking about their epilepsy with others for fear of discrimination.

We used National Epilepsy Week to help to change that!

Learn epilepsy first aid
Get local epilepsy support

National Epilepsy Week 2016 posterWhat can I do to promote and support National Epilepsy Week?

We want everybody to know about epilepsy and what to do when someone has a seizure:

1 in 5 people with epilepsy are uncomfortable talking to their friends about their condition

Let's talk about epilepsy

Stacey and Leanne

Former S Club Juniors star Stacey McClean spoke about her mum Leanne’s epilepsy on radio stations across the UK.

Read an interview with Stacey

Read Stacey's blog post about her mum

Epilepsy in the media during National Epilepsy Week

Is your school an award-winner?

Thank you to everyone who nominated a local nursery, school, college or university for an award.  Our Edwards awards celebrate the great work being done to support students with epilepsy.

We'll presented awards to 11 places across the UK during National Epilepsy Week.

Fundraise for epilepsy

Group of fundraisers

National Epilepsy Week is a great opportunity to get involved and fundraise for Epilepsy Action! Whether you choose to take on a marathon or organise a tea and cake sale, we would love to hear your ideas and events you have planned.

Your support will ensure that everyone living with epilepsy has access to specialist advice, quality healthcare and can live free of stigma, prejudice and discrimination. 

Get involved

Event Date: 
Thursday 22 December 2016 - 14:45

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