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All Party Parliamentary Group - Epilepsy Action's involvement

Epilepsy Action, as a leading member of the Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC), has played a major role in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Epilepsy Inquiry that has looked at the human and economic cost of the underfunding of epilepsy services in England. The APPG has now produced a hard hitting report that details its findings.

Epilepsy Action submitted extensive written evidence to the inquiry, giving an overview of the main issues with the provision of epilepsy services in England. This evidence included the impact of recurrent seizures and possible drug side-effects on a person's life, as well as the influence of epilepsy on employment opportunities and education, and the social stigma. We also included examples of experiences that people have had when using epilepsy services.

Epilepsy Action, along with other members of the JEC, recruited people who have used epilepsy services to attend at the inquiry to give spoken evidence, as well as encouraging people to send written evidence to the inquiry. We also recruited a number of healthcare professionals working in the field of epilepsy to give spoken evidence at the inquiry and submit written evidence. There were three evidence sessions in total.

In April 2007, two representatives from Epilepsy Action went to the House of Lords to speak to the inquiry panel about the main issues and answer any questions that the panel had. This was in addition to representatives from other members of the JEC who gave evidence to the inquiry.

The story has been covered on Channel 4 News as well as on BBC Look East. The story was also featured in The Times, The Independent, and the Guardian, as well as on BBC News Online. Representatives of Epilepsy Action have also taken part in a number of radio and television interviews to discuss the findings of the report.

If you would like any further information about the APPG inquiry please contact our press office on 0113 210 8800 or email press@epilepsy.org.uk.

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