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Local Campaigning - Using the local media

Using the local media

Involving the local media in your campaign is useful because local councillors and MPs are always keen to have favourable press coverage.

When contacting the media it is best to keep to the basic principles of the campaign (cause, evidence, objectives) and how you are trying to achieve them (strategy). Don’t forget to approach local radio stations (how to do interviews), local papers, free papers, and the local television station. Remember the following points.

  • Write a letter to the press about your cause (mark the letter ‘for publication’). Your letters should be relevant and be of interest to local people. Keep the letters short, three paragraphs is ideal.
    See also: Writing a letter
  • Contact the relevant reporter and let them have updates on the campaign.
  • Issue press releases at each stage of your campaign to involve the media and the public.
    See also: Writing a press release

However, you have to be aware that the media may get carried away with your campaign. The local papers do not always have your campaign’s best interests at heart. Remember, their main aim is to sell newspapers.

Contact with Epilepsy Action

Contact Epilepsy Action for support as we can help in a variety of ways. We can for example, support your campaign, write to the relevant people, provide information and statistics or check any draft press releases. It is also important for our PR team to know about local campaigns, in case the press contact them

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