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Local Campaigning - Preparing your case

Preparing your case

Make sure that you are clear about the following.

  • The problem.
  • Any research or legislation that supports your case (Contact Epilepsy Action as we may be able to provide this).
  • The support you have.
  • Constructive ways forward.

Campaigning for a new service

Before you start you should consider the following.

  • Are you sure you have all the facts and have you double-checked they are correct?
  • Do you have a clear aim – i.e. what you would like to see as a result of your campaign and can you identify the person or body that can give you the result you want?
  • How much time do you have available to spend on the campaign? Is it to be a short, fixed term campaign or one that could be long-term?


It is always worth checking amongst your supporters for possible friends and allies to help in your campaign. These might include:

  • A local councillor
  • Professional workers who are sympathetic to your aim
  • Other local groups with similar aims
  • A local carers’ centre
  • Your member of Parliament/European Parliament
  • The local media
  • Other people with the same interest. You may wish to form a group

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